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Steel Wire Rope, Steel Cable

Wire rope is commonly comprised of wire core and strand, which is made using various types of steel including galvanized, coated and non-coated. The steel wire ropes are also named as wire cables and steel wire, which are featured with high strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and rotation resistance. This makes them well-suited for varieties of uses such as pulling, fixing and bearing in the marine, architectural and construction.

We provide a variety of wire ropes as below:
  • Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes
  • Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
  • Compacted Wire Rope
  • Bright Steel Wire Ropes
  • Coated Steel Wire Rope
  • Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
  • Non-Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
Application Examples of Steel Wire Ropes
  • Lifting and Rigging:
    The wire ropes can be assembled into steel wire rope slings being used with lifting equipment or winches to meet lifting and rigging needs in different industries.
  • Vehicle load:
    Because of high strength and durability, the steel wire ropes are well-suited for fixing and bundling cargos during the transportation.
  • Marine and Offshore:
    The wire ropes can be used as mooring ropes at the marine.
  • Overhead Doors:
    The galvanized wire rope and high strength pulley can be made into garage door cable assemblies to control overhead door's opening and closing.
  • Fencing System:
    In the construction sites, the wire ropes can be used as wire mesh ropes fabricated into fencing system.

Wire Ropes Classifications:
The wire ropes are classified according to the strand and wires. Shown below are just some typical types of wire ropes. Wire ropes are also available in customized constructions.

Classification 6×7 6×9 7×7 7×19 8×7 8×19
Wires/Strand 3-14 15-26 3-14 15-26 3-14 15-26
Maximum No. Outer Wires 9 12 9 12 9 12
Wire ropes can be constructed into the following patterns.
  • Single Layer
  • Filler Wire
  • Seale
  • Warrington
  • Combination
Wire rope uses in many industrial applications

Fasten Group is one of China's leading manufacturers of high-end metal wires and ropes. We began our business as a hemp rope producer back in 1964 and have since grown into a modern enterprise that is highly diverse with our main products including steel wires and steel wire ropes.

We operate a number of production bases that cover all of our manufacturing needs, including our conveyor belt steel wire rope base, bridge cable base, PC strand base, fine cable base and many more. We are world leaders in the production scale and output capacity for wire rope production and if you look further you will see our entire catalog.