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Mouton Rivom

 Precision CNC Machining Part
Mouton Rivom

Basic structure of a tungsten carbide tool’s profile: tungsten carbide part inside + steel part outside.

1. Tungsten carbide part inside
Characteristics: high hardness and density (higher than steel and iron)
+ Heat Insert Technology
2. Steel part outside
Steel part outside: purpose is to protect tungsten carbide part from fragile and lower the total weight and cost

Applications for Industries
Various parts for automobiles, transport systems, bikes & motorbikes, etc.
Ammunition (bulletin, canon, etc.)
Metal package industry (various cans, boxes, utensils, for both household and industrial purposes)
Metal pipe industry (e.g. copper pipe for air conditioning system)
Hardware industry (various industrial parts, e.g. metal head of batteries, etc.)

Examples of Our Metal-Forming Tools
Demonstration of Internal & External Surface Treatment

Examples of Our Sophisticated Metal-Forming Tools

For Cable & Wire Industries

Various drawing dies and extrusion dies


For Various Industries

Various Kinds of Steel Convey Belts
Applied for heat-treatment, heavy-load, spray and shower, etc.

  • Wire eyelet link belt
  • Conveyor belt
  • Plaque link belt
  • Special convey belt
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