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Timing Belt Fine Steel Cord

 Timing Belt Fine Steel Cord
 Timing Belt Fine Steel Cord

Product Structure

  • 1x3+5x7
  • 1x19
  • 3x3
  • 7x3
  • 7x7
  • 8x7+1x19
  • 7x12w

Key points of the fine steel cord:

The timing belt fine steel cord makes up the internal structure of timing belts. The cord gives the belt strength and durability to operate for extended periods.
Suitable for timing belts which are coated with polyurethane or other materials

Surface finish: Galvanized & Stainless steel

Packaging: BS-40, BS-60 and other spools

1. Ultra-fine structure (0.04mm steel wire)
2. Sturdy structure prolongs the working lifespan of the belt.
3. The cord adheres with the belt material securely.
4. Lightweight rigid steel structure.
5. Minimal elongation.
6. High break resistance.
7. Outstanding processing capabilities.
8. The reinforcement cord keeps the timing belt running with accuracy throughout its working life.
9. High flexibility.
10. Alternative products can be supplied to meet your most demanding requirements.

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