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FTTH Tight Buffered Drop Wire GJYFJCH

Product performance
Fiber count 1 2 2
Tight Buffer Tube Nom.0.9 Nom.0.6 Nom.0.9
Cable diameter Nom.3.5 Nom.3.5 Nom.4.0
Cable height Approx.6.5 Approx.6.5 Approx.7.0
G.652 or G.657 @1310/@1550nm
0.38/0.28 0.38/0.28 0.38/0.28
Weight approx. (kg/km) 27 24 28
Tensile strength
Long term 400N 400N 400N
Short term 800N 800N 800N
Bending Radius
Static 30(G.652) 15(G.657A) 10(G.657B)
Dynamic 60(G.652) 30(G.657A) 25(G.657B)
Operating Temperature (℃) -40~+60
Enviromental Standards: IEC60332.
accord with EU ROSH standard.
flame retardant grade accord with IEC60332.
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