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Wire Processing Equipment

    1. Wire Take-Up Machine The tubular stranding machine is exclusively used for the production of small-cross-section copper stranded wires or aluminum stranded wires
      The tubular strander is ideal for the stranding of tire wire ropes in metal product manufacturing plants
    1. Tubular Wire Stranding Machine The Fasten planetary stranding machine is a vital piece of equipment in metal wire production processes. The ropes made by this equipment can be used for numerous applications seemingly without limit.
    1. Planetary Wire Stranding Machine The planetary stranding machine is a must in the metal product industry. Wire ropes which are made by this equipment can be widely applied in the oilfield, port, shipbuilding, mining, manufacturing and other industries.
    1. Double Wire Twist Machine The double twist machine is carefully engineered for the manufacturing of high quality and high strength steel wire ropes. According to specific requirements the machine can be supplied in two options, inner pay-off and outer take up; or out pay-off and inner take-up.
    1. Wire Drawing Machine Automatic deceleration, disconnection detection and auto stop. Reels can be removed arbitrarily, and processes are combined at will. Automatic deceleration or stopping when the protective cover is open.