Electro Polishing

 Electro Polishing
 Electro Polishing

Key Points of the EPQ Wire
EPQ wire products have become increasingly popular over the years. Utensils produced from stainless steel wire have been steadily overtaking those made from plastic, aluminum, or ceramics. The material is stronger and more durable than other materials at its price point. The EPQ is beautiful and bright along with its ability to be easily formed. These EPQ wires are produced according to EN, ASTM, and JIS WPB specifications.

EPQ wire is widely used in the manufacturing process of pet cages, kitchen utensils, grill racks, decorative handles and wire baskets among many more.



Carrier-less Core Throw-away Carrier Mill Coil Spooled Coil (Eurocoil)
200-250kg 400-500kg 200-250kg 400-500kg 100-150kg 1000kg
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