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Single Mode Optical Fiber G.652B

Product Description
Potevio Fasten's non-zero dispersion shifted single mode fiber complies with or exceeds the specification of ITU-T G.652B and IEC60793-2-50 B1.1 type optical Fiber. The standard zero dispersion wavelength is 1310nm, and there is a higher dispersion at 1550nm. It can be applied to either 1310nm or 1550nm. The best operating wavelength is around 1310nm.

Product performance
Item Unit Technology Standard
Transmission Performance
Attenuation at 1310nm dB/km ≤0.34
Attenuation at 1550nm dB/km ≤0.20
Attenuation at 1625nm dB/km ≤0.24
Attenuation discontinuity dB ≤0.03
Attenuation-wavelength characteristic dB/km ≤0.03
Zero dispersion wavelength nm 1300~1324
Zero dispersion slope ps/(nm2.km) ≤0.090
Dispersion at 1288-1339nm ps/(nm.km) ≤3.5
Dispersion at 1271-1360nm ps/(nm.km) ≤5.3
Dispersion at 1550nm ps/(nm.km) ≤18
PMD ps/ km ≤0.1
Cut-off wavelength(λcc) nm∫ ≤1260
Macro-bend loss (1550nm) dB 30mm radius100turns, ≤0.1
Macro-bend loss (1625nm) dB 30mm radius100turns, ≤0.1
Geometric Performance
Mode field diameter at 1310nm μm 9.2±0.5
Cladding diameter μm 125±1
Core/Cladding Concentricity Error μm ≤0.6
Cladding Non-Circularity % ≤1
Coating diameter(uncolored) μm 243±7
Cladding/Coating Concentricity Error μm ≤8
Mechanical Performance
Proof test level % ≥1.0
Fiber Strength 10m, Weibull lowest probability level:2.76GPa(15%)
Dynamic corrosion parameter nd ≥20
Curl radius m ≥4
Strip force Average value N 1~5
Peak value 1~8.9
Environmental Performance
Temperature performance(-60~+85℃) Additional attenuation≤0.05dB/km is
allowed at 1310nm and 1550nm.
Immersing performance(23±2℃, 30days)
Humidity and heat performance
(85±2℃,humidity degree over 85%,30days)
Heat aging performance(85±2℃, 30days)
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