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Industrial Generator

Fasten Euenon has worked closely with top domestic and international suppliers such as Yuchai, Perkins, MTU, Cummins, Marathon, Deep Sea, etc.

5 series have been developed, which are showed as below.

Product Advantages:
1. High Manufacturing Standard:

Performed strictly according to international standard ISO 8528 (national standard GB/T 2820) & standard of relevant industries, like military, communication, etc.

2. High Reliability:
Durable and reliable structure design; perfect in harsh industry environments.
1500h MTBF (mean time between failures)
30000h overhaul Cycle
One year or 1000h warranty (prime genset) three year or 1500h warranty (standby genset)

3. Quick Start, High Loading Capacity:
Genset can be started within 10~15 seconds. (Time can be set. The first load can be more than 70% (Perkins engine). The second load can be up to 100%. 10 genets can be paralleled within 20 seconds with load ability.

4. High Efficiency:
Efficiency up to the international standard, fuel consumption is lower than the national standard (GB/T 2820).

5. Low Noise Level:
Super silent canopy, the lowest noise level can be 53dB (A) at 7meters

6. Low Vibration:
Effective shock absorber and integrated base structure low down the vibration of genset

Euenon's generator sets are widely used in military, energy and chemical industry, manufacturing industry, commercial real estate, communication industry, transportation & logistics area.

Data base center
Hotel and commercial complex
Holiday village
Office building

Chemical industry
Paper mill
Oil, coal and electricity industry
Pharmaceutical factory

Public Project:
Government facilifies
School and college
Municipal facilities

Pre-sales Service
Offering perfect power solutions
Offering design, arrangement, and installation
Offering consulting for selecting best model and reasonable capacity

After-sales Service
Euenon provides thorough service in the entire service cycle.
Installation, Commissioning
Maintenance, protection, and simple troubleshooting spare parts

Operation and maintenance training
Skill upgrading training
Design of genset room, installation
Noise reduction, heat utilization
Paralleled with genset and grid

Service Promise
Establish customer profiles, follow-up
Regular training for operators
Original spare parts and technical support
24h telephone service

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