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Developing History

In 1964, Chengjiang Rope Production Cooperative was established as a producer of hemp ropes for fishing boats and other harbor applications.
In 1965, closing machines and stranding machines are introduced to expedite the production process going forward.
In 1966, we introduce our first wire rope products, symbolizing the evolution of the company from a hemp rope producer to a steel wire manufacturer.
In 1978, we introduce galvanized steel wire rope for conveyor belt, ending the importing of conveyor belt wires.
In 1980, the first batch of wire ropes are exported for use in international markets.
In 1983, we successful produced our own steel cords for radial tire production.
In 1990, the conveyor belt wire rope was introduced.
In 1992, we began production on wire ropes for optical cables with industry leading technology at the time.
In 1994, our cables were used in the construction of China's first suspension bridge, the Humen Bridge.
In 1998, we expanded our business activities to include hotel management.
In 1999, we entered into optical communication industry and developed optical wands and fibers with dependent core technology.
In 2005, our company invested in real estate development, expanding our business portfolio and opening up new opportunities.
In 2014, we set up a subsidiary for investing our assets most effectively. New project investment gradually expands to bolster our innovation capabilities.

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