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Structural Wire Ropes for Building Bridge

Structural wire ropes are made of high strength steel (HSS), and galvanized alloy steel, which has played an import role in the bridge buildings. Fasten manufactures a wide range of wire rope to satisfy the demanding project needs, including the wire rope assemblies for cable stayed bridges.

    1. Suspension Bridge Cable Suspension bridge cables play a huge part in bridge construction. They need to be strong and reliable in order to be considered for use. Fasten produces extremely high quality suspension cables that can be relied on for many years of reliable use.
    1. Polyethylene Covered Stay Cable The polyethylene bridge cable is produced by twisting high strength galvanized steel wire and then coating the twisted wire with high-density polyethylene with a hot extrusion process. These cables are found in cable-stayed bridges, tie bars, suspension bridges and other structures.
    1. Structural Cable Fastening structural cables include PWS cable, carbon steel wire rope,stainless wire rope and strand.
    1. Bridge Anchors and Connectors All our cables can be fitted with various types of sockets such as epoxy filled sockets,Zinc-copper alloy sockets,grip sockets,CHS,etc.Socket accessories are also available.
    1. Epoxy Coated Prestressing Steel Strand Epoxy coated and filled PC strands is utilized in the construction of bridges and roads in China. The good performance and durability of these prestressed strands has led to a steady increase in application around the world.