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Polyethylene Covered Stay Cable

The polyethylene Covered stay cable is produced by twisting high strength galvanized steel wire and then coating the twisted wire with high-density polyethylene with a hot extrusion process. It is widely used as cable for cable stayed brideg,tie-down cable,hanger for orch brideg, suspender for suspension brideg and cable for speciol struduer.

The biggest size of stay cable we can product is 511φ7.

Cable of wind-rain vibration suppression
The stay cable is one of the vital components of cable-stayed bridges and they are prone to vibration as their lengths increase. These cables are designed to minimize vibration caused by wind. This extends the working life of the bridge and provides added safety.

Indent cable
The indent pattern cable maintains the drag coefficient below 0.8 through a carefully selected distribution pattern. The indents on the cable surface effectively suppress vibration caused by the wind. Lower cable drag coefficient adds to the safety of the bridge.
This technology has been successfully applied to Sutong Bridge, Zhujiang Huangpu Bridge, Tianjin Danlazhixian Haihe Bridge, Hubei Xiantao Hanjiang Bridge, Binzhou Yellow River Bridge, Fengjie Yangtze River Bridge, Hunan Zhuzhou Jianning Bridge, Korea Incheon Bridge, HongKong Stonecutters Bridge, etc.

Cable with double helical wire
The double helical wires on the stay cable surface with the defined height and pitch prevent the rain wind induced vibration. This technology has been successfully applied to bridge projects, such as Edong Yangtze River Bridge, Shenzhen Bay Bridge, Indonesia Suramadu Bridge, Jinan Jianbang Bridge and so on.

Ultra high strength durable cable
On the basis of common stay cable, the ultra-high-strength durable (strength grade up to 1770MPa, 1860MPa and 1960Mpa) cable has been extended it is service life over 50-years under normal condition by using better raw material, improving manufacturing techniques and cable structure.

It has been used on Sutong Bridge, Hong Kong Stonecutters Bridge, Zhujiang Huangpu Bridge, Jiashao Bridge, HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge etc.

Ultra -long and -large cable
With the construction of cable-stayed bridges with its main span longer than 100m,the requirements for stay cable become higher and higher in length and performance. At present, our company can manufacture ultra-long and large stay cable with the length over 800m and the biggest size can reach 511Φ7. We are the only professional manufacturer which has the ability to produce cable longer than 500m.

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