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Suspension Bridge Cable

 Suspension Bridge Cable
 Suspension Bridge Cable

Suspension bridge cables play a huge part in bridge construction. They need to be strong and reliable in order to be considered for use. Fasten produces extremely high quality suspension cables that can be relied on for many years of reliable use.

1. The use of PPWS (Prefabricated Parallel Wire Strand) technology effectively controls the length of the strand and removes wraps on cable strands during the construction process.
2. The use of innovative cable protection technology (cable drying system and S-type wire sealing technology) significantly extends the service life of the cable.
3. The strand of the main cable can be wound horizontally or vertically as per user requirements.

Technical parameters are specified in the attachment.

Self-anchored Suspension Bridge Cable

1. Ideal for cable strands, suspenders, cable saddles, cable clamps, etc.
2. Provide the above-mentioned product installation service.

Characteristics of the Self-anchored Suspension Bridge:
1. Removes the need for a giant anchor.
2. The main cable is anchored on the top of the bridge deck.
3. Innovative structure
4. Aesthetically pleasing exterior
5. Light weight
6. Load is uniformly distributed on the structural component.
7. Cost-effective raw material
8. Highly-competitive bridge design for small and medium spans

Waterproof Bridge Hanger

Acting as a connector between the main cable and deck, the hanger carries load from the deck to the main cable. It is considered a major structural part of the suspension bridge.

1. Unique structure design gives the hanger a strong capability to resist water.
2. Critical sealing elements are made of high-quality materials, which results in outstanding sealing performance and excellent durability.
3. Anchorage is impervious to water, thanks to its special construction, operating conditions and unique filling.
4. Maintenance free, reliable structure, easy operation and superior water resistance

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